ProspekteGRÄSOLIN was established in 1919 by Paul Klett and Hans Schürhoff in Gräfrath, Solingen in the area round the river Rhine.
The founder chose the abbreviation of the address at that time for their company name: Gräfrath and Solinger Straße (street) was turned into GRÄSOLIN.

At the beginning of the 1960ies both founders handed the business over to the second generation. Their sons Siegfried Klett and Hans-Wilhelm Schürhoff took over the leading of the company.

Aussenansicht1977 the company was turned into a GmbH (limited).
Hans-Wilhelm Schürhoff left the company in 1993, Siegfried Klett in 2004.
Today it is run by Thomas Klett in the third generation.